Sell more with Mandarin installments

Your customers need flexible payment plans. We'll help you create this opportunity.

Increase your sales providing customers with flexible payment plans. We've made the installment payment UX simple and fast with a proven increase in conversions and AOV.
Buy Now Pay Later solution up to $10 000
BNPL with up to $10 000 limit gives customers more consumer power and proven increase average order value.
With our help dozens of lenders will finance your customers. They compete with each other and you get better rates and approval of more than 75%.
Without risks
We guarantee the settlement of funds to merchant after successful purchase. We take on 100% credit risk so you can care about more important things.
approval rate
The simplest payment process and UX for the user significantly increases conversion rates.
How it works
Buyer uses Mandarin checkout payment
The buyer selects Mandarin as a payment method and fills out a short application
We select the appropriate lender
You receive the purchase, Mandarin selects the best lender for the buyer
Buyer pays for the purchase with Mandarin
The buyer chooses the plan and confirms the purchase online
We transfer the whole amount to merchant
You provide a service to the customer, Mandarin transfers the full purchase amount to your account.
Buyer pays monthly installments
Mandarin provides further support of the buyer with payments through Mandarin or directly to the lender
Our API is specially designed to provide fast and flexible integration with your systems. And with ready-made modules, you can start working in half an hour.
Flexible Integration
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